Conference Schedule

  • Workshop 3 ERCV Conference workshop (31st Oct- 1st Nov 2019)
  • Workshop 2 Second ERCV Workshop (27-28 Jul 2019)
  • Workshop 1 First ERCV Workshop (13-14 Mar 2019)
  • Goldsmiths
10:30 AM - 06:00 PMDay 1 By Various Academics

Session 1 (10:30am-1pm)
Prof Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths), “Introduction and Review of previous two workshops”

Dr. Sae NAKAMURA (Kyoto University)
“Anti-Muslim Sentiments and the Consequence of Interfaith Dialogue in Sri Lanka: “Epistemic” and “Ontic” in Handling Otherness”
Respondent: Michael Buehler

Drs. David Martin and Francisco Carballo (Goldsmiths), “Remapping Contemporary Political Violence”

Lunch (1-2pm)

Session 2 (2pm-4pm)

Prof. Hiromu SHIMIZU (Kansai University), “Opening a Niche in the Philippine Society: Ethno-genesis of Katutubo Ayta after Mt. Pinatubo Eruption in 1991”
Respondent: Rochana Bajpai (SOAS)

Prof. Tatsuro FUJIKURA (Kyoto University), “Re-articulating the demos: The Tharu experiments with self-governance in post-conflict Nepal”
Respondent: David Brenner (Goldsmiths)

Session 3 (4:15pm -5:30pm)
Rajyashree Pandey, “Is Buddhism Inherently non-violent? The Case of Medieval Japan”
Respondent: Jonathan Spencer (Edinburgh University)

Workshop Dinner: 6pm

10:30 AM - 04:00 PMDay 2 By Various Academics

Session 1: 10:30 am- 12:30 pm
Prof. Nariaki NAKAZATO (University of Tokyo), “Communal Violence and Refugees in Bengal, c. 1940-1950”
Respondent: Humeira Iqtidar (Kings, London)

Dr. Hisashi SHIMOJO (University of Shizuoka), “Belonging and Religion in the Multi-Ethnic Society of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta: Cross-Border Migration by Khmer Theravada Buddhist Monks”
Respondent: Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths)

Lunch 12:30pm- 2pm

Session 2: 2pm-4pm: Concluding discussion, and plans for next workshop (Chaired by Prof. Kazuya Nakamizo, involving all participants)

  • Kyoto University
11:00 AM - 05:15 PMDay 1 By Various Academics

Session 1: 11:00 – 12:00
Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University): Welcome Address
Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths, University of London): “Review of the First London
Workshop” Introduction of participants

Session 2: 13:00 – 15:00
Sanjay Seth (Goldsmiths, University of London): “Denaturalising the Nation-
State” Respondent: Kiichi Fujiwara (University of Tokyo)

David Brenner (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Dan Seng Lawn
(Kachinland Research Centre): “Modernity as Conflict: Development,
Nationalisms and Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar’s Shrinking Borderlands”
Respondent: Wataru Kusaka (Nagoya University)

Session 3: 15:15 – 17:15
Rochana Bajpai (SOAS, University of London): “What do descriptive
representatives describe? Minority representative claims and the limits of
Respondent: Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University)

Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University): “Institutionalizing of Majority Tyranny:
Analysis of 2019. Respondent: TBA

10:00 AM - 03:00 PMDay 2 By Various Academics

Session 4: 10:00 – 12:00
Michael Buhler (SOAS, University of London): “The diffusion of shari’a law in
Indonesia: A study of anti-Ahmadiyah regulations”
Respondent: Nazia Hussain (University of Tokyo)

Humeira Iqtidar (Kings College, London): “Is Tolerance Liberal?”
Respondent: Chiharu Takenaka (Rikkyo University)

Session 5: 13:00 – 15:00
Roundtable of all participants and any observers from NGOs, government bodies
and civil society organizations [TBA]

  • Goldsmiths
10:30 AM - 06:00 PMDay 1 By Various Academics

10:30 – 12:00 : Session 1
Introduction by Sanjay Seth
Ethnic and Religious Conflict: Concepts, Contexts and Critiques by David Brenner

13:15 – 15:30 : Session 2
From People Power to State Power: Southeast Asia after Democratic Transition by Kiichi Fujiwara. Respondent: Michael Buhler

Religious pluralism and the state in India: Towards a typology by Rochana Bajpai. Respondent: Jonathan Spencer

15:45 – 18:00 : Session 3
Scarcity and Contention in Cities in the Global South: A Perspective from Karachi by Dr. Nazia Hussain. Respondent: Rochana Bajpai

Gendered Violence and Human Rights Discourse: The Impact of Bosnian War on South Asia by Chiharu Takenaka. Respondent: Jasna Dragovic-Soso

09:45 AM - 05:00 PMDay 2 By Various Academics

09:45 – 12:00 : Session 4
Violence and Identity Formation: Religious and Caste Identities in Bihar, India by Kazuya Nakamizo. Respondent: Mandy Sadan

Desire for Discipline and Messianic Violence: Duterte’s War on Drugs in the Philippines by Wataru Kusaka. Respondent: Sanjay Seth

13:30 – 14:45 : Session 5
Colonial categories and postcolonial politics in Sri Lanka by Jonathan Spencer. Respondent: Humeira Iqtidar

15:00 – 17:00 : Session 6
Round table discussion: observers from NGOs, Government bodies and civil society organisations

ERCV Conference

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